Trundle ABBA Festival - Australia’s original ABBA Festival

Does your Abba Gold CD never leave the player? Are you a singing and dancing queen?

Do you secretly wish sequins on everything and men in flares were still in fashion?

Or are you simply interested in having great fun and seeing new places?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Mama Mia! the Trundle Abba Festival is for you.
Held in the rural township of Trundle, in Central Western NSW, the Trundle Abba Festival is Australia’s only and original Abba festival. On May 2 2015 the festival will be host to Bjorn Again, the world’s number one ABBA show! Having now performed over 6000 concerts in over 100 countries worldwide the group’s next stop is Trundle. Along with the appearance of Bjorn Again, the Trundle ABBA Festival provides a day packed full of family friendly entertainment. With Fashions of the Festival, busking competitions, professional dancing displays and a disco dancing competition there will never be a dull moment.
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